The British Fire Safety Register (BAFE)

The British Fire Safety Register (BAFE) is an independent register of quality fire safety organisations for the United Kingdom. BAFE is dedicated to enhancing fire safety standards and ensuring the protection of lives and property. This comprehensive registry serves as a repository of information on fire safety professionals, companies, and organisations committed to upholding the highest safety standards.

One of the primary objectives of BAFE is to connect individuals and businesses with qualified fire safety experts. By maintaining a comprehensive database of certified professionals, property owners, and managers can access reputable experts to assess, install, and maintain fire safety equipment, conduct risk assessments, and develop emergency response plans.

The Register plays a pivotal role in promoting accountability and transparency within the fire safety industry. It verifies the qualifications and credentials of listed professionals and companies, ensuring that they adhere to the latest regulations and best practices. This verification process fosters trust and confidence among consumers, knowing that they are engaging with reputable experts in the field.

The BAFE also helps raise awareness about fire safety issues and provides valuable resource to individuals and organisations seeking guidance on fire prevention and emergency preparedness. By acting as a central hub for information and expertise, it contributes significantly to the overall safety of communities across the UK, reducing the risk of fire-related incidents and their potential devastating consequences.

Chalbrook Fire is a on the BAFE register, and for more details on the BAFE, please click this link.


The Fire Industry Association (FIA) is a prominent and influential UK organisation dedicated to advancing fire safety and protection measures. The FIA has become a recognised authority in the fire safety sector, with a commitment to promoting best practice, setting industry standards, and enhancing the overall safety of people and property.

One of the primary objectives of the FIA is to provide guidance and support to professionals working in the fire industry, including manufacturers, installers, and service providers. By offering access to the latest industry knowledge and fostering collaboration among its members, the FIA ensures that fire safety measures are continually improved and adapted to evolving technologies and challenges.

The FIA actively engages with government bodies, regulatory agencies, and other stakeholders to shape fire safety policies and regulations within the UK. This advocacy work helps create a safer environment for everyone, from businesses and homeowners to public institutions. Through robust fire safety standards and regulations, the FIA plays a pivotal role in reducing the risk of fire-related incidents and the potential devastating consequences that can bring.

Chalbrook Fire is a member of the FIA, and please click this link for more information about the FIA.

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